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A Trip to Middle Earth


Well, it’s been almost a month since I left (time is flying by) so I figure I should finally write about my trip to New Zealand!

Where to start…?

I think I’ll begin with what I realized in the month I spent in New Zealand- which is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever traveled to!

  1. I love the outdoors.  I started getting back into hiking and such while spending time in South Africa, but this was another level.  Every day I searched for a trail to explore or a mountain to climb.
  2. Camping isn’t bad!  Most of the time I was in NZ I spent driving around the country in a van, parking and sleeping in at various campgrounds around the North and South Island.
  3. New Zealand has some AMAZING wine.  As I drove around, I may have stopped at one or 20 wineries to sample the local goods.
  4. Pretty much every picture I took is postcard-worthy, New Zealand is seriously that beautiful.

Onto the trip.   Will probably keep this on the briefer side and let the photos (I took a ton) do most of the talking.  To keep this from being too run on (lot’s to talk about after a month!) I’ll break the trip up into 3 posts: North Island, South Island, and The Milford Track.

Hope you enjoy!





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