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Chōsen Experiences, aka Ninja Camp (teaser)


img_4939I spent the first week in Indonesia in Bali with the team from Chōsen Experiences… Had an absolutely epic time with an awesome collection of new friends.  Chōsen actually had a professional photo/film crew with us the whole week as they are creating some new marketing material so I’m going to wait to publish the full post until I can snag a few of their photos to really bring it to life, but for now this was the summary they gave us as we reflected over the week at our final breakfast together.

‘You traveled to Indonesia.  You learned about Balinese culture and participated in a Hindu Cleansing Ceremony.  You nurtured your internal health with more than 18 nutritional meals and snacks, and refrained from processed food, sugar, and chemicals for seven days.  You practiced yoga every day for a week straight’

You considered the concept of meditation.  You dined with a group of international strangers.  You befriended a dynamic group of adventurous, curious people.  You slept under ideal conditions for an entire week.  You restored your body.  You participated in fitness activities 14 times, you experienced downtime for about 25 hours (not including bedtime).  You benefited from another 60 hours or so of sleep or pre/post sleep time.

You enjoyed a unique mind-body integration experience and a Balinese massage.  You trekked into a dense forest and climbed, abseiled, zip-lined, jumped, and slid down a huge waterfall system- at one point rappelling down a 21 meter (almost 70 ft!) double waterfall.  You learned to move like an animal.  You now know the basics of parkour.  You can climb a wall, jump over a fence, and balance on a small surface.  You discussed nutrition and cooking with an international executive chef.  And you did do much more…’

Again, I’ll post more detail once I have the pics to accompany, but wow, what a week.  Super challenging both physically and mentally with a group of very diverse, very driven, very athletic, very inspirational, and very cool new friends.


Much Love and Bliss,


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