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I’m in love with Cuzco…

IMG_4005Flying into Cuzco I knew it was going to be something special.  Seeing the Andes from above was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had flying so I knew I was in for a treat.  The town is pure magic, there’s no other way to describe it.   Sure there are the standards you have in any smaller destination city- people on the street trying to sell you all manner of jewelry, trinkets, massages (so many!), hustling restaurant owners trying to entice you into their establishment, etc but the backdrop for all this is something out of this world.

Everywhere you look you see beauty.  From the mountains, to the sky, to the faces of the locals, I really feel like I am surrounded by magic.  It’s pretty hard to describe, it’s like the feeling you get when you close your eyes and lift your head to the sky and feel the warmth of the sun, letting the universe fill you with its power.  I’m just happy.

The hotel I’m in is one of the older colonial houses and is situated just across the street from Qurikancha- which was described to me as ‘the Vatican of the Incan Empire’.  The Golden Temple was unbelievable to explore, I had a great guide named Wilfred aka Willie who was very knowledgable and gave me quite the history lesson.  Also checked out Saqsayhuaman (oddly pronounced like ‘sexy woman’), and was guided by Wilbur, another awesome local whose family has lived in the mountains above Cuzco for many generations.  You can’t put into words the awesomeness that these structures are, and to think they were built over 500 years ago without modern tools or machinery, just thousands of men hauling stones for many kilometers and using math, physics, and architectural techniques that would blow away many of today’s builders… unreal.

Don’t want to give a full play by play as I’m sure you’ll get bored but I did the usual: explored some churches (crashed a wedding and accidentally walked in on mass), a few museums, and of course a pub or two. Did you know- Paddy’s Pub (yes the same name is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) is the highest (elevation) Irish Pub in the world and the sole reason that Guinness imports its beer into Peru?

Oh- I’m reading the Celestine Prophecy.  It had been recommended to me a few times by a few different people, but most recently my trainer Jeff said it was a must-read for me as it takes place in Peru.  I’m 4 chapters in and this book is absolutely amazing.  There will be a whole separate blog post written about it… If any of you are in the market for a new book, should for sure check it out.

Alrighty then… Off to grab some dinner and walk around the town a bit.  I’m pumped to meet up with my travel group tomorrow!  Will post details of what the experience entails or you can also check this out to get an idea what the next 14 days of my life will be… it’s just getting started.

Get busy living…

IMG_4026Atop Saqsayhuaman…

IMG_4053My guide Wilbur

IMG_4069Ross and Pat from Milwaukee, shared Guinness and travel stories with them at Paddy’s.  Good dudes…


Cristo Blanco keeps watch over the city.  The site of my morning meditation and first personal journal entry…



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2 thoughts on “I’m in love with Cuzco… Leave a comment

  1. I can’t tell if keeping up with your journey will inspire or depress me! It brought tears to my eyes to see your simple words, “I am happy.” The next stage looks amazing and I am dying to hear about the frog venom ceremony?!?! By the way, we plan to watch Finding Joe tonight. Who knows, you might run into me half way around the world. 😉 Be well!


  2. You are magic!! Just as you are fortunate to have these experience… The people you are sharing it with and meetings along the way are just as lucky!

    Happy you’re happy!



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