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And We’re Off!

Until I actually get to doing stuff, I’ll be posting mostly about the inspiration for this journey and what I’m hoping to gain from it- perhaps not the most exciting stuff, just forewarning everyone…

Sitting at the airport about to kick things off in Peru!  There are equal parts excitement, fear, calmness, and joy running throughout my body.  My spirit is ready, hopefully the body is too…

I’m fairly sure I forgot at least 5 things, though my pack weighs more than I’d like it to while will no doubt make the hiking more challenging, oh well.  I’m looking forward to meeting the group I’ll be traveling with.  Hopefully there are a few rookies like myself (sporting all new gear as I don’t own much of the hiking/camping variety), I know I’ll stick out like a sore thumb, but I trust they’ll be accepting and appreciative of some of the moves I just made and welcome me into the explorer’s tribe.

Had a good chat with Joe on the way to the airport, was reassuring to hear his enthusiasm for me and this trip as he did something similar a few years back and has always maintained it was a life changer for him- I have no doubt it will be for me as well.

Stay tuned, keep in touch, and find your bliss!





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  1. Have an amazing time! I’m sure you’ll get a great group. Make sure you make time to meditate and have some quiet time whilst your out trekking. I really believe that’s when you connect with your surroundings (which I’m sure will be insanely beautiful) and everything comes alive!! Have a blast x


  2. I am simply beside myself with excitement reading this. Confession time…wax thing you from afar, the worm, the success, the seemingly non stop parties and tropical weddings (said the mom of 3 who hasn’t partied in years), I have wondered and probably even said aloud to a mutual friend, when you would “grow up”. I realize how wrong I have been and regret my judgment. Your path is clearly unfolding right before you and while the measures may be different, you have already arrived by taking this first step. I will be following every step and wish you the most extraordinary experiences. And perhaps you recall that we both share a love of Shawshank, so your quote alone is enough to move me. Be well, my friend!


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