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Finding Joe



Many have asked when it was I knew I wanted to do quit my job to take some time off to travel- it was actually a combination of many different experiences: Chatting up a British traveller in Colombia in 2010, Reading ‘The Alchemist’ (finally) for the first time, Watching ‘The Matrix’ (true story), Numerous mini-adventures with friends over the years… But it wasn’t really until I watched Finding Joe for the first time that I knew it was something that would actually happen, something that I needed to do.  Every Hero’s Journey begins with a Separation Event, A ‘Call to Adventure’ and for me this is what set me upon the quest that I’m only now finally embarking on.

The beauty of Finding Joe is I believe it says different things to different people, and even different things to the same person during repeat viewings.  The Story of the Golden Buddha particularly resonated with me and I’ve loved re-telling it to as many people as possible.  This is what this is for me my friends, a piece of the armor has fallen off and I’ve seen the gold that is underneath.  Over the past few years I myself have lost loved ones, have friends that have lost loved ones, known people that have absolutely left this world much earlier than they should have- and the reality is that time is short and adventure is out there… time to face the shadow, embrace the shadow, and love the shadow, for without it, there is no light.

Get busy living… (and watch Finding Joe).

credit to the Finding Joe introduction goes to Joseph Okleberry… #bliss




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  1. A snake who can not shed his skin must perish! I am excited to see more of the gold of Brian Wallace both mid-trip and upon your return. Carpe diem brother!


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